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Optimize Your Driving Experience with iPhone 15 Pro Max Car Cradles and Antennas from Campad Electronics

Having your smartphone readily accessible and securely mounted while driving is essential. The iPhone 15 Pro Max car cradles and antennas from Campad Electronics offer the perfect solution for keeping your device charged, secure and within reach, enhancing both convenience and safety on the road.

Premium Car Cradles for iPhone 15 Pro Max

Campad Electronics offers a wide range of car cradles tailored specifically for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. These cradles are designed to cater to various needs, whether you prefer a DIY setup or a professional installation. Here’s an overview of what’s available:

Cradles for iPhone 15 Pro Max Without a Case

  1. DIY Install Cradles
    • Strike Alpha iPhone 15 Pro Max Cradle DIY: This cradle is powered through your vehicle’s cigarette lighter or accessory socket, making it easy to install without professional assistance.
    • Strike Alpha iPhone 15 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cradle DIY: Provides the added benefit of wireless charging, ensuring your device remains powered throughout your journey.
  2. Professional Install Cradles
    • Strike Alpha iPhone 15 Pro Max Cradle Professional Install: Requires wiring directly into your vehicle’s electrical system, offering a more integrated and permanent solution.
    • Strike Alpha iPhone 15 Pro Max Wireless Charging Cradle Professional Install: Combines the benefits of hard-wiring with wireless charging capabilities.

Cradles for iPhone 15 Pro Max in Protective Cases

  1. Otterbox Defender Case
    • Available in both DIY and professional install versions, these cradles ensure compatibility without needing to remove your Otterbox Defender case.
  2. Strike Clear and Rugged Cases
    • Custom-designed to accommodate Strike’s protective cases, providing secure mounting and charging options.

MagSafe-Compatible Cradles

For those who prefer the convenience of MagSafe technology, Campad Electronics offers MagSafe-compatible car holders that provide up to 15W of fast wireless charging. These mounts allow you to easily dock your iPhone 15 Pro Max with one hand, making navigation and phone usage seamless while driving.

High-Performance Antennas

To complement your car cradle, Campad Electronics also provides a selection of high-performance antennas designed to boost your mobile signal. These antennas are especially useful in areas with poor reception, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.

Vehicle Mobile Phone Antennas

  • 5dBi 4G and 3G Panel Mount Whip Antenna
  • 7dBi 4G and 5G Magnetic Base Antenna
  • Pulse Larsen Magnetic Base Antennas

These antennas are easy to install and significantly enhance signal strength, making them ideal for travellers and those frequently on the move.

Comprehensive Car Kits

Combine one of Campad Electronics’ car cradles with a Bluetooth car kit and an external antenna for the ultimate mobile connectivity solution. This combination ensures that your iPhone 15 Pro Max remains charged, secure and connected at all times.

Why Choose Campad Electronics?

  • Reliability and Quality: All products are officially approved and tested for quality and durability.
  • Ease of Installation: Options for both DIY and professional installations are available to suit different preferences.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From charging and mounting to signal enhancement, Campad Electronics offers a complete solution for your mobile needs.


Stay connected and drive safely with the iPhone 15 Pro Max car cradles and antennas from Campad Electronics. With a variety of options tailored to meet your specific needs, these products ensure that your device is always secure, charged, and within reach. Visit Campad Electronics today to explore the full range of iPhone 15 Pro Max accessories and enhance your driving experience.

Order your iPhone 15 Pro Max car cradle and antenna now and enjoy seamless connectivity and convenience on the go!